QUAD studio designs an incubator for design.

Hong Kong based architecture firm QUAD studio has designed its own office into a LAB to ‘Rethink Possibilities’

Situated in Tsuen Wan, a city that is going through changes starting with an Urban Rethink from the dying textile industry of the 50s and 60s and opportunities for being a Central Hub for Innovation between the Hong Kong CBD and Entrepreneur ecosystem of Shenzhen, Tsuen Wan has the infrastructure and will attract a new generation of entrepreneurs to become the Incubator for design in the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Megalopolis. 

At QUAD studio, we believe that 
the line between different design disciplines becomes increasingly blurred as we come to an age where one gets more from a group of individuals with open minds sharing ideas rather than those who choose to work in isolation.
In designing our studio, we attempt to create an environment that allows for social interaction, where staff can, work, discuss and exchange creative ideas. As fore thinker to developing design possibilities of the future, we want to create a studio that reflects a purity and simpleness, a studio that allows staff to concentrate of what they enjoy most which is “Being Creative”. Our material pallet is deliberately monochrome and the design plays on reflective surfaces, ambient light and simple lines.

Measuring approx. 300 Square Metres, the open office is organized into six zones, each with its own bespoke function

QUAD Hong Kong

QUAD Entrance

Enter the studio and you are greeted with an illuminated office logo. Here, QUAD studio wanted to create a welcoming space illuminated by a large Barrisol ceiling. On the floor is a map of Hong Kong showing the location of our office in the middle between Shenzhen Bay and Quarry Bay. To the left of the entrance are shelves showcasing products design by QUAD studio.


The waiting area, next to the entrance, we added two designer chairs and a marble coffee table. On the wall are two 65-inch LED monitors showing some of our signature designs.

QUAD Waiting

QUAD Conference

Design conferences are held in two glass boxes. The larger conference room is used for design brainstorming and major client presentations whilst the smaller more casual conference room is used for day to day casual design discussion. Both conference rooms are fully connected to different devices to allow for better knowledge sharing.

QUAD Forum

From time to time, QUAD will host design forums. An exhibition space is specifically designed not only to exbibit or signature designs, the space is equipped with projector and a 90-inch screen that allows guests and designers to share their ideas and philosophy.

 QUAD Work


The atmosphere within the office is international, multidisciplinary, and ambitious, but also open, non-hierarchical, team based and friendly. The work space is lit by 13 linear LED light battens illuminating 3 linear work tables and 2 casual seating areas for group discussion.

All storage cupboards are hidden away inside the light wall and behind the illuminated curtains, are the pantry, printer room, think tank and bike storage room.

 QUAD Support

QUAD Layout

QUAD Layout

QUAD Signage Detail

QUAD Signage Detail


QUAD Signage Cabinet Detail

QUAD Hong Kong