Kerry Qinhuangdao Sales Centre Cafe Bar


Client: Kerry Properties Limited

Location: Hebei Qinhuangdao, China

Team: Sean Leung, Veronica Wong, Paggie Yip, Sufat Su

Area: Café – 400 sqm ; VIP lounge – 138 sqm

Located in Habitat Sales Centre in between of ‘Natural Boulevard’ and ‘Contemporary Art Boulevard’, Café Bar has a simple and elegant design providing a social media check-in spot that blends the sea into the sales centre. The café bar is a hybrid of nature and cultural art.

The sales centre is located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei. With sufficient natural resources, Qinhuangdao is a popular coastal leisure tourism location that attracts citizens within the nation to purchase vocation properties. Consists of two floors, the sales centre displays the high-end Habitat residential project which integrates the cultural space and art exhibition hall. The first floor consists of art exhibition, cultural centre, office, café bar and VIP lounge; there are model displays, installation exhibition and co-working space on the second floor.

The café bar is operated by Moutreen Café on the first floor; designed with beige colour tones and wood furniture, the café bar provides high quality coffee and tea to customers. Furniture with strips corresponds with the ceiling design. The lighting track system is used for open ceiling, outlining the cashier and order-taking zone and connecting the art centre. Spaces of different functions in the sales centre are connected with unified lighting style which enhances the traffic flow and interaction. Tiny hooks are installed on the ceiling to exhibit art pieces or the latest news of the sales centre.



The working table of the café is tilted 45 degrees to show the visitors the largest area of the cashier and workshops to increase the traffic flow into the café bar. The coffee zone and tea-tasting areas are zoned beside the cashiers to display the coffee and tea culture of Moutreen. Workshops can be held regularly to facilitate the discussion on cultural and knowledge exchange while enjoying high quality drinks in a cosy environment. Layers and drawers are placed near the cashier to display the featured products of Moutreen Café including coffee beans and tea leaves. Visitors can scan the QR code on the drawers to learn more about the corresponding product such as the description, origin and price to create an interactive leisure experience of art and culture.

The coffee area, tea area, workshop spaces and cashier are clearly zoned. Considering the purchasing journey, there is a dessert area between coffee and tea areas. Customers will be attracted to purchase desserts in the middle of coffee area and tea area.

Modular seating and foldable chairs with a spacious layout. Visitors can enjoy a delightful dining experience with different settings of the modular chairs according to different needs. The flexible modules extending to art centre and outdoor F&B space to optimize the use of space by connecting the spaces and increasing the flexibility for different occasions. Furniture is made of fabrics and wood unifying the overall design style of sales centre.


Extending the exterior nature elements, the café bar uses warm colour tones and greenery element with large plants to create a unique experience in Qinhuangdao.



Beside the café bar, there is a VIP lounge. It uses natural wood wall and floor with celadon-coloured furniture. Frosted stripped wall displaying artificial plants inside triangular lightbox to create a strong sense of nature providing an elegant and refreshing atmosphere for the lounge. A 1.5m tall monitor is placed on every partition to show the project images and to maintain a privacy for customers to discuss about transactions.

Delivering a unique experience of Qinhuangdao’s nature, the design brings in exterior nature elements into the Café Bar with warm colour tones and greenery wall art. The multi-functional sales centre and interactive café bar integrate nature, art and commercial to build a high mobility sales and art centre in Qinhuangdao.