The Arles – Handover Units and experiential section to The Arles sale gallery

Location: 1-11 Ap Pui Wan Street, Fotan, Hong Kong

Client: Centralcon

QUAD studio Design Team: Sean Leung, Charles Ho, Candy Wong, Veronica Wong, Iczza Wong, Paggie Yip, Audrey Chan, Dallas Lam


Located in Fotan, directly adjacent to East Rail Fotan Station, The Arles is a mixed-use development consisting of 4 residential towers with 1335units, a residential clubhouse, retail podium and a public transport interchange. QUAD studio was involved the handover unit, special units and retail mall.


QUAD studios Partner of Interiors Sean Leung was honoured his contemporary interior design was so well received and we are proud to be a part of the design team for The Arles. Sean exemplifies that the design of the show flats is just the tip of the iceberg. Known for his vast experience in hospitality design, Sean wanted the design to convey another level of luxury and quality in detailing that you can only found in some of the best hotels in the world. Our contemporary design of the handover unit in only one chapter to a series of designs for The Arles which spans into the special units and the retail mall.

Designing an experiential sales gallery

QUAD studio also designed the experiential section to The Arles sale gallery in Kowloon Bay. Sean explained that we wanted to take visitors into a journey, we took elements from the Arles and stitched them into an immersing composition, preparing the visitor to show flats and handover units.


Show Flats by QUAD studio

During the design process, QUAD studio was also involved I the design an alternative option for the Show Flats and the main sales hall at The Arles sales gallery in Fotan