The Arles – Experiential Hub


Project Location: 20F, Kingston International Centre, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Interior Design: QUAD studio

Client: Centralcon Hong Kong Group

Gross Area: 850 sqm

QUAD team: Sean Leung, Veronica Wong, Sufat Su

All images provided by QUAD


This Experiential Hub was specially designed an immersive experience for the visitors at The Arles.  Inspired by the concept of season of life, QUAD studio creates a tangible yet speculative Installation.  It captures the natural elements of the outdoor landscape of The Arles and reimagined them taking the visitor to another extraordinary world. Using the characteristics from the four seasons, each space is choreographed intentionally to evoke different emotions to visitor. An Artistic interpretation of the landscape garden of The Arles.

Blooming of Spring

Stepping into the Experiential Hub, you are taken to a Sakura Forest surrounded by a reflective lake. The silver frosted water wave ceiling permeates with pink shimmers from the Sakura.  The shadows of Sakura tree are reflected on the lake, swaying in the wind to bring vitality to spring. The pink colour of Sakura with the green grass and stone by the lake, bring the dazzling of spring into the space.

Next to the Sakura Forest is the Japanese Black Pine tree, symbolizing the spirit of The Arles, extending from one dimension to another. The light hitting the Pine tree reflects shadows on to the light pink straight grained wall. The Black Pine Tree penetrates through the circular skylight and floats above sand pool creating an unyielding elegance. 


Vigour of Summer

From the Sakura Forest, the visitors are greeted with flower fragrance of lavender, luring the visitors into the lavender garden stimulating the visitor both visually and sensually. At the back of lavender garden are a set of arches framing a picturesque sunset bringing calm, elegance and a sense of romanticism to the atmosphere.

Next to it is the evening of summer, under the starry night with the little light of lighting bug reflect each other. The chirping of cicadas and crickets sounded break the silence of summer night. Build up the camp fire to enjoy the time with family and friends.

Maples of Autumn

At the orange maples of Autumn, visitors permeate through an endless scenery. Here we create a camp site so visitors and relax in an outdoor atmosphere.  The oval skylight to brings natural light that penetrate the space with the warmth of autumn.

Wilderness of Winter

Finally, we get to winter where visitors are greeted with a white bamboo forest. The white artistic bamboo and its transparency form randomly scattered within the space to enhance the artistic atmosphere.