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Jason Loo
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​Jason is originally from Malaysia, he worked with Kay Ngee Tan Architect in Singapore as Architectural Designer for 3 years after he had obtained the Bachelor Degree of Architecture from Curtin University from Australia. Then, he joined the 2 years Master program in Politecnico Di Milano in Italy, and graduated with the Master of Science in Architecture and Engineering. In between, he has made the internship with LABEL Architecture in Brussels, Belgium. After gaining a few years of learning and working experiences in Europe, he moved to Hong Kong to work with Spatial Practice as Design Architect and Associate for 3 years. Then, he took another opportunity to work with Architekten Essari + Lequime, Karlsruhe, Germany for a year and eventually moved back to Hong Kong to join QUAD Studio in 2018. Working and living in several countries have expanded his horizons and range of expertise in architecture.

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He has achieved excellent outgrowth in Architecture, interior and art installation. A few awards were given to the projects that he has involved in, for instances, “The Sultan Boutique Hotel” in Singapore has been awarded the Architectural Heritage Award by URA; “Glowing Trees Art Installation” in Hong Kong has been awarded the HKDA Global Design Awards 2016. Besides that, he has also achieved the winnings of a several architecture competitions internationally, which highly reflected his high quality of work in the profession. ​

​Besides architecture, he allows his creativity to expand in different ways in life, such as abstract paintings, photography arts, sculptures, crafting and living design. His experience of working on exhibition, theatre set and public art design have as well deepened his view of architecture and space study. He believes architecture is not merely based on physical form but the engagement quality in between objects with spaces are the utmost challenge to achieve in reality.
He is a person who act with reason, it could be a simple reason; complexity usually comes its way through its process and development. He is obsessed with creating beautiful things, with non-definite term of “beauty” objectively and subjectively; purely based on the simplest personal expression, it normally involves the complexity of emotion, thought, logic, aesthetic view, and perception of oneself; he believes this is the primitive way to create art.He live for facts and doubts, to fight the balance in between a "achiever" and a "thinker" which makes him more resilient to changes, especially in the current flashy-memories and fast environment. He is very adaptive to existing context and yet do keep reminding who “he is becoming”. The very background of achiever in the early context has made him a pragmatic person, he must think that he is not a theoretical one, at least this is how he views himself as; most importantly he tries to remain faithful to his doubts, observations and solutions. He believes in the humble beauty of truth and structure of living. Yet, he is always seeking opportunity to serve the world better.