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Jayden Qiu
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Jayden joined QUAD as an associate in 2020 with over 8 years of experience in architecture design. Graduated from Guangdong University of Technology, Jayden formerly worked in Architectural Institute of SCUT and BIADSC (Beijing Institute of Architectural Design South-China Centre). Over the years, Jayden involved in schematic design and construction drawing of many projects in China and South East Asia.


With a diverse working background, Jayden is undoubtedly a responsible team leader to guide his team to integrate his creativity with cultural knowledge to create unique identities for projects in China including the Civic Center of Jianzhou New-City in Chengdu and to win international bidding competition of International Financial Conference Center of Nansha in Guangzhou. As an experienced architect, Jayden understands the importance of having sufficient understanding of each design and construction process. The key is to be at the construction site and participate in the construction process in person to have an updated and comprehensive status of the project through close communication with design and construction teams. Most importantly, to gain practical knowledge of the building structures and materials on site with experienced teams.

Jayden believes that the best designs are creative and practical at the same time – with the combination of site context, local materials and local culture all contributes to a better design solution. Good designs go beyond imagination; it requires additional efforts to be curious about the site and the surrounding environment. For Jayden, it is crucial to make regular site visits and to explore the local needs and culture to create designs with distinct characteristics.