Location: Kerry Centre Beijing, China

Client: Kerry Properties Limited

Team: Sean Leung, Veronica Wong, Sufat Su


Located in Beijing, Kerry Centre L28 Sales Centre displays the Habitat residential unit in Qinhuangdao. QUAD creates a simple yet elegant sales centre based on Habitat Residence contemporary design style. Consisting of a discussion area and two VIP lounges, the sales centre integrates different senses to provide an elevated level of services to the visitors.


At the arrival lobby, the main façade for Habitat Residence uses layers of special coating for the wall to create a 3-dimensional effect. Designed with Habitat features, the whole area uses a mix of light beige and brown colour tones.


After the arrival lobby, we enter the lounge. Inspired by the natural landscape of Habitat Residence, designed a lush green wall. Using metallic surfaces and special coating, we create a series of volumes clearly zoning the lounge and the discussion area. Qinhuangdao has generally a cold climate, hence, at the end wall we designed an artificial stove warmth and cosy feeling for the visitors. Light wood-like flooring is used to maintain the general design style of the sales centre.


Touchscreens are placed on the wall to display Habitat Residence and other Kerry projects. Visitors can have a glimpse at the projects while the sales team is communicating with other visitors. Pebbles-like decorations are placed on the layers to integrate the nature into the sales centre.


To draw visitors’ attention, large monitors are placed on the other side of the lounge to display the featured project images and videos. A small F&B zone is set to provide light bites and drinks. Flexible featured screen is placed besides the seats to provide privacy and to allow sunlight to penetrate.


The discussion area and VIP lounge are located near the window and faces CCTV Headquarter. The discussion area has four sets of chairs with cosy light furniture. A contemporary tea table is put in the lounge near the entrance. Visitors can enjoy traditional tea art during rest and discussion. In another lounge, a sofa is put there to create a relaxed and elegant environment. Tailor made carpet signifies the beach and sea in Qinhuangdao.


Sales centre provides a space that shares the same interiors as Habitat Residence delivering another level of service excellence for Kerry Properties.